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Optical Finesse offers two standard lines of liquid-crystal controllers, all suitable for driving continuously-variable LC devices such as variable retarders, polarization rotators and switches, shutters, variable attenuators, tunable color filters, and polarization-state generators/analyzers.

Our LCC series controllers are manually-controlled devices ideal for prototyping, laboratory, and manufacturing applications. Our µ-micro series LC controllers are digitally-controlled devices capable of driving two or four channels and operating with or without a host computer.

All our controllers are manufactured in Colorado using a rigorous seven-step quality control process, and are backed by our 12-month warranty. All products are 100% RoHS compliant.

Compact, rugged, and economical, our controllers have been field-proven in world-class installations and production lines around the globe. Optical Finesse specializes in OEM designs for stereoscopic display, manufacturing, and projection applications. We welcome the opportunity to tailor our standard controllers to meet your unique set of needs.

Note that our LCC-230 two-channel 30V USB LC controller is available exclusively from LC-Tec. Please contact us directly for OEM specials of this design.


This two-channel controller is our most economical product-line offering, perfect for driving nematic cells, as either a hand-held or benchtop accessory.

LCC2-12 Specifications
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A single-channel controller with LC voltages up to 33 VRMS controlled by two preset amplitude knobs. True RMS readout is provided by a front-panel display. Ideal for manufacturing or acceptance testing of large-area cells.

[LCC1-33 front & back]
LCC1-33 Specifications
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A dual-channel controller with LC voltages up to 33 VRMS controlled by two amplitude knobs.

[LCC2-33 front panel]
LCC2-33 Specifications
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Specifically designed to drive ferroelectric liquid-crystal (FLC) devices such as the Meadowlark Optics line of FLC optical shutters and polarization rotators.

[FLCC2-30 front & back]
FLCC2-30 Specifications
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A customized version of this controller is available directly from Meadowlark Optics.


Specifically designed to generate the high voltages necessary to drive polymer dispersed liquid-crystal shutter devices.

[LCC1-100 front & back]
LCC1-100 Specifications
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Two-channel USB-enabled LC controller--our most economical product-line offering!

µLC200-12 Specifications
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Best seller! A flexible, full-featured, general-purpose tool compatible with a variety of LC devices. This controller works either in conjunction with our LCDriver application on a host computer or in standalone mode for field use.

[uLC400-30 front & back, with mini-DIN6 connector]
µLC400-30 Specifications
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[LCDriver application]

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